828-414-9737 ~ 8146 Valley Blvd. ~ Blowing Rock, North Carolina

Fresh Food Market, Pantry, Gift Items, Pizza, Salads, and More For Take-Out

Time for
something new.

Established in 2023, Myers Kitchen and Pantry and it's companion
Fabled Pizza, both in the same building, offer something
new to Blowing Rock.

Myers Kitchen
and Pantry

For takeout, we offer fresh and frozen foods prepared in our kitchen, such as vegetables, meats, quiches, homemade pies, daily soups, and homemade bread. We also have fresh seafood and meats, as well as fresh produce from local farms. We also offer pantry items from local vendors, mostly from North Carolina. We are keeping the former "coffee counter" as a community counter for locals to sit, chat, drink coffee, and enjoy fresh soup or pizza. It is all takeout!


Drawing inspiration from a memorable trip to New York City, we have meticulously crafted our pizzas with utmost attention to flavor, texture, ingredients, and quality of the sauce, cheese, and dough. Our aim is to ensure that your pizza experience leaves you thoroughly satisfied. As ardent enthusiasts of captivating narratives, we have named each pizza, salad, and mac and cheese dish after legendary, heartwarming, and emotionally engaging stories from various mediums. We sincerely hope that you relish your meal, and remember, as the saying goes, 'one bite, and everyone knows the rules.